EU pig prices: prices under pressure

The EU markets for slaughter pigs came under noticeable pressure in the current week due to disappointing business at market and price setbacks.

16 July 2019, at 10:47am

ISN reports a disappointing outlook for the majority of the European markets this week.

The decline in prices is most pronounced with a fall of 9 cents in the Netherlands though most of the pressure is being felt in Belgium and Germany.

The Belgian slaughterhouses already lowered their prices by 6 cents in the previous week and have now lost another 3 cents. In Germany too, agricultural producers were unable to escape the pressure of slaughter companies and had to accept a price drop of 6 cents.

A corrected 5 cents decreased payout prices for the Danish producers. There are two major reasons for the current downtrend in market prices: Germany's cease of exports to the Philippines and the Canadian export ban for China. Both increase the price pressure on the remaining Asian markets.

By contrast, prices are stable in the southern European markets. In Spain, the slaughter weights have dropped noticeably again. Here the tourism business stabilises the domestic market.

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