EU pig prices: scarce supply situation causing rise in prices

ISN reports that the European slaughter market shows a consistently positive picture during this week.

16 August 2019, at 10:15am

The supply of slaughter pigs is in many cases not sufficient to meet the needs of slaughterhouses. This supply shortage is attributed to the low supply of piglets in the spring, the recently high temperatures, and the resulting lower daily gains.

On the other hand, impulses are to be felt on the meat market. In Germany, the summer holidays come to an end, which is conducive to demand. The recent escalation in the trade dispute between the US and China raises hopes for European exporters.

graph showing an increase in live pig prices from week 31 to week 33 for the top five European pork producing countries
Increase in live pig prices from week 31 to week 33 for the top five European pork-producing countries


Recently, the German listing increased due to the current tight supply situation by 7 cents and overtook the only stable French listing, which now slips to third place in the European price structure of the five largest pig-keeping EU member countries. The Netherlands and Belgium followed the German example with significant increases in prices.

In Austria, where some slaughterhouses had to cancel individual slaughter days due to the tight supply, the listing continued the price increase by another 5 cents. Lighter quotes are reported from Denmark and Spain.

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