EU pork prices: mixed market developments

ISN reports that the European pig market is very mixed in the current slaughter week. From declining to unchanged to rising prices, everything is there.

28 August 2019, at 9:57am

According to the latest report from ISN, the German pig market is experiencing pressure from house-price payments from some slaughterhouses. As a result, the price increase from week 33 was reduced again. The slaughter pig prices in Austria and Belgium could not resist this influence. Here, too, the recent price increases were corrected. The house prices in Germany are now off the scale.

ISN market report for the top five pig-producing regions in Europe


Stable quotes are reported from Spain and the Netherlands. In Spain the pig market re-balanced after the holiday on 15 August. The higher slaughter weights are justified by the requirements on the international markets, according to one market observer. The Dutch quotation remained at its current level for a second week.

The Danish and French quotes each rose by 4 cents. In France, the live offer has increased following the holiday in the previous week but there are expected sales impulses in the short-term due to actions in the food retail sector.

The uneven development of prices causes shifts in the European price structure. The French listing climbs after its own price rise and the price correction in Germany to rank 2 in the comparison of the five largest pig-holding member countries. The Danish listing was also able to catch up by the increase in the listing and replaces the corrected Dutch listing in fifth place.