New cases of swine fever in Bulgaria spark new investigation into controlling its spread

The interdepartmental regional epizootic commission met this week to discuss the complicated situation of African swine fever in the region as three new cases are confirmed in wild boar in Bulgaria.

24 August 2019, at 10:30am

Three new cases of African swine fever (ASF) in wild boar have been reported in the villages of Prosena, Mechka and Pisanets. A new outbreak of the virus was also confirmed at a 4,500-head pig farm in Karamonovo this week, the fourth affected industrial farm in the region so far.

wild boar cross a road in front of a car in a rural area

With the escalation of cases of ASF in Bulgaria, authorities are on high alert. This week, Deputy Regional Governor of Ruse Svilen Ivanov together with Dr Nikolay Nenov of the regional directorate for food safety held a meeting of the permanent interdepartmental regional epizootic commission to discuss the complicated situation of the African swine fever in the region.

The total number of pigs slaughtered due to ASF outbreaks in Bulgaria hit 70,440 animals this week, not including the 4,500 pigs on the affected farm in Karamonovo.