Thailand and China ban pig imports from Myanmar after first case of African swine fever

Thailand and China will ban the import of pigs from Myanmar, authorities from the respective livestock departments told Reuters, after the neighbouring country confirmed its first case of the African swine fever yesterday (14 August).

15 August 2019, at 10:49am


The ban, expected to start next week and running for 90 days minimum, would cover live pigs and wild boars as well as carcasses from Myanmar, to prevent the disease from spreading into Thailand.

It followed a similar ban Thailand issued for pig imports from Laos in June, reports Reuters.

The deadly disease has not yet been found in Thailand, said Sorawit Thanito, director-general of the Livestock Development Department.

"There is no outbreak of the African swine fever in Thailand," he told Reuters.


Earlier today, China also banned the import of pigs, wild boars and related products from Myanmar over concerns about African swine fever.

China has been battling the disease since the middle of last year. African swine fever has spread to all of China's provinces and regions, as well as Hong Kong and Hainan island, since it was first detected there last August.