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UK’s next generation of farmers unite in climate change ambition

The UK’s four next generation farming forums have come together this week to discuss how they can work together towards a lower carbon future.

28 September 2019, at 9:07am

The workshop, which followed the NFU’s publication of its Achieving Net Zero report earlier this month, considered what the industry’s young farmers can do, what opportunities may arise in the future and what barriers will need to be overcome.

NFU next generation forum chairman Simon Gadd said: “Climate change is arguably one of the greatest challenges of our time and as the future of the industry we need to take it upon ourselves to start our journey towards net zero now.

free range pigs foraging in a field

“There are plenty of things we can do in the short-term to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions; precision farming, improving feed efficiency, better waste management and improving soil structure are just a few. There are also opportunities to increase carbon storage and renewable energy on farms.

“There will also be plenty of challenges, and working in partnership with the government will be key to overcome these. For example ensuring rural areas have full connectivity and broadband access will enable farm businesses to improve productivity, one of the pillars of the NFU’s net zero aspiration. And it’s not just government, the retailers and processors have a real role to play in reducing waste across the supply chain.

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“The NFU’s report is a starting block for the net zero conversation to happen. The measures we take may be different from farm to farm, but by coming together we can share ideas and better understand how we can collectively step up to deliver climate-friendly food for the public”