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COVID-19 cases at Dutch meatpacking plant rises to 147

The number of diagnosed coronavirus cases at a Dutch pork processing plant near the German border has jumped to 147 despite closure and worker quarantines.

26 May 2020, at 8:19am

Reuters reports that the Vion plant in Groenlo, located east of Arnhem and west of the northern German city of Muenster, employs 657 people. Health authorities shuttered the plant and quarantined the workers, many of whom are German, after 45 infections were detected on 20 May.

79 German workers and 68 Dutch workers at the plant have now tested positive for coronavirus.

"The size of such a group of people with positive tests is very worrying," said Ton Heerts of the regional security agency VNOG. "Townships involved will try to answer questions from residents and support companies locally as much as possible."

Regional health authorities are conducting an extensive track and trace program to see who infected workers may have been in contact with, Heerts said.

Coronavirus outbreaks have also hit meatpacking and abattoir workers in adjacent northwestern Germany.

Nationwide, the Netherlands has reported 45,236 cases of COVID-19 infections and 5,822 deaths, according to the latest Reuters tally.

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