China’s Dalian exchange prepares to launch live hogs futures contracts

China’s Dalian Commodity Exchange has announced the list of companies that received approval for their facilities to be designated as delivery warehouses ahead of the exchange’s launch of live hog futures contracts.

7 January 2021, at 8:23am

Reuters reports that the companies that received approval for "group" delivery point status, which should have inventories of over 500,000 pigs, are Muyuan Foods, Wens Foodstuff Group, Jiangxi Zhengbang Technology, New Hope Liuhe , CP Foods (known as Zhengda Investment in China), Twins Group, COFCO Meat Investment, Sichuan Dekang Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Food Group and Fujian Aonong Biological Technology Group.

Exchanges use warehouses and other storage facilities as designated physical delivery points for a commodity that has been bought and sold on their platform.

The Dalian exchange's live hog contract is set to launch on Friday 8 January, and will be China's first live-animal physical-delivery contract.