First shipments of US pork to Taiwan are free of ractopamine

Lab testing reveals that the first batch of American pork imports to Taiwan are free from the leanness-enhancing additive ractopamine.

12 January 2021, at 10:00am

Reporting in Taiwan News says that no ractopamine has been detected in the first batch of US pork imports to Taiwan. Data from the country’s “Pork Dashboard” shows that Taiwan imported over 96 tonnes of pork from the US in the first week of January. The data also shows that US imports only account for a small portion of the available pork in Taiwan.

The Pork Dashboard was launched on 4 January to address public concerns over the safety of imported pork. The site lists information about the country of origin for pork in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s opposition party, the KMT, opposed the new import regime and is working towards holding a referendum against ractopamine-laden pork. The party is hoping to collect 500,000 signatures by 21 March for an initiative to ban the substance.

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