3rd Class of Elite Swine Nutritionist Program is open for enrollment

4 February 2021, at 10:55am

Seriously, time flies. It feels like it was yesterday that we launched the Elite Swine Nutritionist Program.

For the last 6 months, I had the humbling chance and joy to lead outstanding and passionate swine professionals through the program from 10+ countries from the following entities: Smithfield, BRF, Hord Livestock, Schwartz Farms, Purvis Farms, Pronaca, Rivalea, Provimi, United Animal Health, Hubbard Feeds, Gowans Feed Consulting, Cape Fear Consulting, Furst McNess, VitaPlus, Kansas State University, Iowa State University, North Carolina State University, University of Illinois, University of Alberta, McFleeg Feeds, Hankkija Feeds, Chemlock Nutrition, Proveta Nutrition, Polinutri, Swine Health Professionals, National Feed Solutions, NutriQuest, Genesus, PIC, DSM, Adisseo, Jefo, Kemin, Biomin, Zinpro, International Ingredients, Swine Health Professionals, and DSM.

Well... it is here - the day has arrived for enrollment to the 3rd Class of the Elite Swine Nutritionist Program.

Starting today at 10 am EST, we will accept 20 new members on a first-come, first-serve basis.

On this 7-week long self-paced program, our world-class invited speakers and I help you create a massive positive impact for swine producers by:

  1. Breaking down some costly swine nutrition paradigms;
  2. Getting updated on the latest applied swine nutrition research;
  3. Identifying what matters and what doesn’t.
  4. Developing critical thinking in swine nutrition, production, and research.
  5. Facilitating a private community of swine enthusiasts.

In this program, I share the mistakes:

  • That I have done;
  • That my mentors taught me to avoid; and,
  • That I have seen after reviewing diets from over 100+ producers from 20+ countries.

So you don't have to commit those same mistakes.

To reserve a seat, at 10 am EST today go to:

CLICK HERE to Reserve your Seat

p.s., the price will go up by $500 dollars after this class of students.