Pig production: feeding, weighing, ventilating with the 307pro/310pro control computer

26 March 2021, at 4:37pm

The popular 307pro/310pro climate computer from Big Dutchman is now also a production computer! Whether farmers keep finishing pigs, piglets, sows or boars: in addition to the climate in the barn, they can now also control production applications such as feeding, water consumption or lighting. The climate and production computer is available with a coloured 7-inch or 10-inch touch screen.

A new feature is the so-called adaptive climate control: all parameters are constantly adapted to the current situation in the barn based on a new self-learning function. Thanks to this feature, the climate continuously self-optimises, which improves animal welfare and therefore also increases the farm results.

The new computer is of course also compatible with the BigFarmNet management and control system: this smart Big Dutchman technology unites all pig farm applications in one software and one database.

Other features:

  • customisable user interface;
  • modular hardware;
  • easy software updates;
  • data protection with five levels;
  • high operational reliability: 307pro and 310pro continue working even when not connected to the network.