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Is good stockmanship still a factor in outdoor pig breeding units?

A Harper Adams University student is researching the significance of the stockperson on pig breeding units, asking whether the experience and knowledge of a stockperson make a significant impact on farm performance.

5 April 2021, at 8:30am

Chloe Gimson, 22, is a final year BSc (Hons) Agriculture with Farm Business Management student. For her research project entitled “Is stockmanship still important on achieving optimal performance on a modern outdoor breeding pig unit? If so, how do we best manage it?”, Chloe is running a survey to gather first-hand experiences and to analyse the skills and characteristics of stockmen and women.

Chloe was brought up on an outdoor breeding pig unit in Suffolk and has seen first-hand how a good stockperson can affect the outcomes of a unit.

“The impact a stockperson has on performance is often overlooked by the agricultural industry. My dissertation looks to highlight the impact a stockperson does have on farm performance and how to improve performance on farms through a good stockperson."

“I’m looking to determine the significance that labor has on the performance on a pig breeding unit and the importance of not only practical skills and knowledge but also soft skills such as stockperson empathy, observation, anticipation, planning and communication.”

Chloe has recently accepted a role at Savills, Oxford, as a Food and Farming Graduate where she hopes to further develop her interest in farm management and labour within the industry following her graduation.

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Chloe is appealing to those who work on outdoor breeding pig units to support her research through completing her questionnaire - Is Stockpersonship still important on achieving optimal physical performance on a modern outdoor breeding pig unit?