South Korean university creates cell-cultured pork

Researchers at South Korea’s Sejong University have cultured pork from a sample of muscle cells, marking a further step towards the commercial viability of cell-cultured meat.

18 May 2021, at 12:00pm

According to reporting in the Korea Economic Daily, the research team isolated muscle stem cells from a pig and encouraged the to proliferate in vitro to make muscle tissue that resembled pork. The team was led by Professor Park Sungkwon at the University of Sejong’s food science department and began the project in 2018.

“We can open up the possibility of securing the fundamental technology for cultured meat production," Professor Park said in a statement. "We are aiming to advance this technology for commercialization through further research and optimization.”

The team has also working towards culturing beef and is expected to publish results from their research later this year.

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