British cell-based pork start-up says it will bring its pork sausages to market by 2023

Ivy Farm, a spinout company from Oxford University working on cell-cultured meat, says it will launch its cell-based pork sausages in 2023 and will explore other cultivated meat options as well.

1 June 2021, at 9:29am

According to reporting in Green Queen, the company plans to be the, “first British company to put cultured meat on people’s plates.” And plans to meet this goal by 2023. Ivy Farm is hoping to supply restaurants and supermarkets will cell-based pork sausages and develop cultivated meatballs and burgers in the coming years.

The company has begun raising funds for its pilot R&D facility and hopes to secure £16 million for the project. The facility could produce 12,000 tonnes of cell cultivated pork each year, which would bring animal welfare and environmental sustainability benefits along with it.

Dr Ross Tucker, co-founder of Ivy Farm, said, “… nearly half the worldwide harvest is required to feed livestock and that’s only going to go up. Cultured meat is the silver bullet – through cutting edge technology we can provide real, high-quality meat while saving the planet.”

Dr Tucker called on the UK government to voice its support of the cell cultured sector, saying that the United Kingdom could be at the forefront of an industry that can help save the planet.

“Ivy Farm will be great for the environment, great for meat lovers and great for animals as there’s no slaughter,” Dr Tucker said.

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