Chinese state media says its pig herd has increased by 23.5% vs a year ago

China’s pig herd is up 23.5% in May 2021 from the same period a year ago, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

17 June 2021, at 7:40am

Reuters reports that data from China’s agriculture ministry shows the sow herd has increased 19.3% during the same period, reaching 98.4% of the stocks at the end of 2017.

China’s huge hog herd, which produces about half of the pork consumed globally, plunged 40% in 2019, official data shows, after the deadly African swine fever virus swept through its farms. The industry has poured billions of yuan into new, intensive farms over the last year to rebuild the herd.

“We can now say with complete confidence that the original three-year mission for the restoration of pig production has been completed ahead of schedule,” Xin Guochang, an official with the agricultural ministry’s Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau told CCTV.

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