Will EU cull sow prices remain stable?

Prices for cull sows in the EU have remained fairly stable after surging this spring, but they could face further downward pressure as 2021 progresses.

19 August 2021, at 8:00am

Cull sow prices in the key northern Member States have been, despite some fluctuation, broadly stable since the spring. In comparison to the finished pig market, which has been falling away recently, sow prices have been relatively well supported. Prices are still at or above the five-year average in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

This is perhaps because sow meat is less directly affected by reported weakening in the export market. Nonetheless, the situation could be precarious, as consumer demand in Europe is also reported to be quiet recently.

For week ended 8 August, sow prices were reported as:

  • Germany: €1.17/kg
  • Denmark: €1.02/kg
  • Netherlands: €1.26/kg
  • France: €0.98/kg

Words: Bethan Wilkins