US pork industry secures enhanced market access to Vietnam

After major negotiations last week, the White House announced that it had clinched improved market access for US pork, wheat and corn exports to Vietnam.

30 August 2021, at 8:13am

Vietnam is a major pork-consuming nation that is struggling with ongoing outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF). The southeast Asian country agreed to cut its import duties on American pork products, as well as on corn and wheat.

Improving market access to Vietnam has been one of the National Pork Producers Council's (NPPC’s) top trade priorities. The organization has been aggressively lobbying on the issue for more than two years and led recent efforts that included 70 members of Congress sending a letter to US Trade Representative Katherine Tai, urging her to press Vietnam to eliminate tariffs on US pork.

NPPC is awaiting details on the agreement from US government officials.