Brazilian campaign boost pork sales

Sales increased by 42%

24 November 2021, at 1:21pm

A 17-day national campaign greatly impacted Brazilian pork sales, generating 13 million reais in sales in 10 participating retails chains. The sales amounted to the equivalent of 400,000 processed pigs and created opportunities for producers and other industry stakeholders.

National Pork Week (SNCS), a consumer-focused campaign, took place between 1-17 October 2021. The campaign focused on barbecued pork and involved influencers, e-commerce and social media. Through the campaign, consumers were offered recipes, tips on specific barbecue cuts, and other inspiration. The Brazilian Association of Pig Breeders (ABCS) called the campaign a success.

During the campaign period, the three largest retail chains in the country achieved between 20% and 25% growth in pork sales as compared to the same period last year.

From North to South, Brazilian pork was promoted for its quality, health and flavour to more than 75 million consumers.

"For nine years all participating networks have shown growth in a continuous and consolidated way, which remains in increasing results in the following months after the end of the campaign, showing SNCS's right strategy, which is renewed every year and promotes the real transformation and insertion of pork in Brazilian culture," said ABCS president Marcelo Lopes.