Livestock Innovation Summit: Innovation showcase finalists announced

London 7-8 September 2022
calendar icon 24 August 2022
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The finalists of the Livestock Innovation Summit’s Innovation Showcase were announced last week ahead of the event taking place in London on 7-8 September 2022. The Showcase provides the opportunity to hear from the most exciting companies in the livestock space currently looking for investment or partnership across nutrition, digital and health for various farm situations and species. To learn more about the event, click here.

These 10 start-ups were selected by the Livestock Innovation Summit’s esteemed Selection Committee, consisting of Kok Projekt, CIEL, UKRI and Agri-Epi Centre and will be taking to the stage on the 8 September live in London to pitch their technologies. The winner will then be selected and announced live at the event.

The finalists are:

AEROPOWDER – AEROPOWEDER is a circular economy company that turns surplus feathers from the poultry industry into thermal packaging materials. Their core product is Pluumo. It is a thermal packaging material which is designed to replace expanded polystyrene that has traditionally been used in food deliveries that are sent via courier to end users.

Antler Bio - Antler Bio is a start-up biotechnology company focussed on promoting performance, welfare and sustainability in the livestock industry through data-driven epigenomics. Originating as a genomic testing service provider, Antler Bio began by delivering DNA/genomic analysis services to the equine industry. Through collaboration with key partners, they responded to demand for greater data-driven insights into the performance, fertility and welfare/disease-resistance in horses that wasn’t being addressed by classical genetic testing.

Chainparency - Chainparency are a blockchain technology company that is focused on the issues of trust and authenticity. They develop innovative solutions to help organizations to achieve transparent and responsible supply chains. Their flagship product GoTrace is the first 100% turnkey blockchain SaaS solution that empower stakeholders of all sizes and budgets, from first-mile harvesters and producers, logistics providers, retailers, regulators, to end-users/consumers, to track, trace, and substantiate environmental and product claims.

Cody Genetics - In a farmers’ ideal world, cows would birth only females, sows would bear no boars, and chicks would grow up to be hens. Breeding companies can efficiently produce sexed sperm using Cody’s services. The most sophisticated gene-editing techniques have allowed Cody to create breeders that are able to ejaculate sexed semen. The offsprings of those breeders are not gene-edited and do not carry any foreign DNA.

Dalan Animal Health - Dalan Animal Health is developing breakthrough vaccines for new-age production animals such as beneficial insects and other invertebrates. Honeybees, shrimp and edible insects for food and feed production play a critical and growing role in our food supply chain, however, these animals are largely underserved by the animal health industry. Diseases are a limiting factor for growth in these industries across the world.

EcoNomad Solutions - EcoNomad Solutions is a British agritech start-up and 2021 FoodTech 500 finalist with strong links to the UK academic community. Their ambition is to reduce environmental impact of livestock smallholdings through animal waste-to-energy conversion on small scale and locally. They use a number of proprietary technologies to deliver affordable and easy to use solutions for small size farms, and increase their ability to operate sustainably, off the grid and benefit from that.

eCow - eCow helps dairy farmers increase milk yield, profitability and decrease methane emissions by using insights and an internal sensor. eCow is a web analytics platform that gives farmers, nutritionists and vets health information from inside the cows stomach. It accomplishes this by using a small sensor that the cow swallows, which stays inside the animal for its entire lifetime.

FarmSee - FarmSee provides the pig production industry with critical information so far unattainable, such as individual weight and early detection of diseases. Currently, critical KPIs, such as individual pig’s continuous weight, are unavailable due to animal welfare concerns, bio-security and labor intensity. Hence, the pig production ecosystem, relies on theoretical and historical data, resulting in significant inefficiencies. FarmSee’s solution provides actionable insights driving significant revenue growth and cost optimization, while ensuring animal welfare.

Labby - Founded in 2017 out of MIT, Labby are bringing the industrial IoT solution for dairy farms using optical sensing and machine learning to enable automatic and on-farm milk testing, leading to increased farm operation efficiency and better animal health management, all while reducing greenhouse emissions.

PFMS - PFMS is an Ag Tech startup empowering small and medium-sized poultry farmers with the power of digital technologies to get a quick early disease diagnosis, and connect with certified veterinarians to diagnose and treat animal illnesses. Connecting the entire value chains, sharing knowledge and more as we work to create a more traceable and transparent food system.

The Livestock Innovation Summit will be taking place in London, 7-8 September 2022. The Summit focuses on driving innovation in livestock and aquaculture production and accelerating the adoption of sustainable practices to future-proof the industries, whilst showcasing and supporting emerging technologies. To register, please click here.

Laurence Williams

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