Novel Farms introduces world's first marbled cultivated pork loin

The company recently introduced a chicken breast
calendar icon 16 August 2022
clock icon 2 minute read

Novel Farms, an affiliate of CULT Food Science Corp., which focuses on cellular agriculture, has developed a chicken breast prototype as part of the Feed the Next Billion XPRIZE competition, and now just revealed the world's first marbled cultivated pork loin created using their novel scaffold system.

Novel Farms is a food-tech company that aims to create gourmet, cultured meat in an ethical and sustainable manner, to positively impact and evolve the current food system. Novel Farms solves the structuring problem of cultivated meat by developing a proprietary microbial fermentation approach to produce low-cost, edible, and highly customizable scaffolds.

Their tissue development platform gives them an important and unique advantage by not only providing them with the capability to structure meat from any animal species but also doing it in a very cost-effective way. While scaffolding biomaterials such as alginate need to undergo costly functionalization to ensure effective cell attachment, their scaffolding process completely bypasses this step, reducing production costs by 99.27% and thus accelerating the path to the commercialization of their products at price parity.

Cultivated meat production uses less land and water, emits fewer greenhouse gases, and reduces agriculture-related pollution and excess plant growth. The pork loin was created in order to showcase what cultivated meat can look and taste like through Novel Farms platform, all while having invaluable production benefits

"We are pleased that Novel Farms is doing so well. Its dedication to creating cultivated meat products in a sustainable and cost-effective manner is important to CULT and does not go unnoticed," said Lejjy Gafour, Chief Executive Officer of CULT. "We are optimistic about the future of Novel Farms and are looking forward to what they will create throughout the rest of 2022. The Venture is starting to make waves in the cellular agriculture market, and we are happy to support its possible future endeavours and innovative ideas."

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