Pantothenic acid

Deficiencies are associated with a high stepping gait particularly of the hind legs which is described as goose-stepping, with increasing incoordination and finally posterior paralysis. Loss of hair and diarrhoea are also seen. The condition is occasionally seen in swill fed units particularly where waste bakery foods are used. The feed can be supplemented with 5-10g/tonne of calcium pantothenate. Where modern diets are fed the condition is rare. However a condition conforming to the classical symptoms described was observed in a herd of 200 outdoor sows. Only lactating gilts were affected. Five animals were observed and each one would be grazing peacefully then suddenly the head would rise and with the nose pointed in the air the pig would walk for 10-20 minutes with a high stepping action of the hind legs. 5g/tonne of pantothenic acid was added to the ration and after three weeks the condition disappeared.