Using the syringe and needle

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  • On most pig farms 2ml, 10ml and 20ml syringes are required.
  • Always use disposable ones, they are sterile and easy to manage.
  • Use syringes with a side rather than a centre nozzle because they break less easily.
  • Use only one medicine in one syringe. Some medicines are incompatible when mixed.
  • Use one syringe for one injecting session and then dispose of it.
  • Always wipe the bottle top clean with cotton wool and surgical spirit before use.
  • Multi dose syringes must be kept in the refrigerator when not in use and cleaned and sterilised by boiling (10 minutes at 100ºC(212ºF)) between injecting sessions.
  • Always keep part-used bottles in a refrigerator.
  • Always use disposable needles that have a protective cap. This will keep the needle clean and prevent self inoculation.
  • Change the needle frequently and determine the frequency by the ease of penetration into the tissues.
  • Always change the needle immediately if: the end becomes burred, you drop it on the floor, it makes contact with the external environment.
  • NEVER clean it with your fingers or wipe it with your clothing. Use fresh cotton wool and surgical spirit to clean the needle after 2 to 3 inoculations.
  • Always use a separate needle for each individual animal when injecting breeding stock to prevent spread of Eperythrozoon suis by blood inoculation.
  • The practical procedures for using a syringe and needle to administer iron are described in chapter 15.

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