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TOPIGS France Innov’space Award Winner 2011

11 November 2011

FRANCE - TOPIGS France is one of the Innov’space award-winners 2011. They have won this prize by creating CHRONOS, a supporting tool to calculate the labour productivity of a pig farm expressed in kilogram of pork per working hour.

Award-winners receive widespread coverage in the French and international press.

The purpose of CHRONOS is to identify the quantity of labour needed for tasks such as farrowing, mating or post-weaning. CHRONOS automatically calculates the time worked on each task at the farm and compares these values to the database. Finally a TOPIGS technician provides advice on improving labour productivity.

Labour costs are the second or third highest cost for a farrow-to-finish farmer (13 per cent of the cost price), behind feed. The economic impact of such a tool could be very interesting. Finally, CHRONOS also has a social function. Better management of labour on the farm improves efficiency but also results in extra free time. This can be an issue on family-run farms. Labour costs are the second or third highest cost for a farrow-to-finish farmer.

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