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Ukraine Bans Brazilian Pork

26 March 2013

UKRAINE - Ukraine, the main importer of Brazilian pork, has closed the market because of concerns over health issues.

The move by the Ukrainian health officials follows similar action by the Russian Authorities.

Last year, Ukraine imported almost a quarter of Brazilian pork exports taking nearly 140,000 tonnes ahead of Russia, which imported 127,00 tonnes.

The president of the Brazilian Association of Pig Meat Producers and Exporters, Abipecs, Pedro de Camargo Neto said that the action by the Brazilian authorities was in line with expectations.

The Brazilian Agriculture Minister, Antonio Andrade, last week was sent to Ukraine in a bid to resolve the issue.

The director of foreign markets at Abipecs, Rui Eduardo Vargas Saldanha, said the embargo was completely unjustified, according to reports from Brazil.

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