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Boot, Hand Hygiene: Frequently Forgotten Measures

16 August 2013

GLOBAL - The most discarded and forgotten measure on the farm - while it is probably the fastest, simplest and cheapest measure in order to prevent spread of bacteria - is to disinfect footwear and sanitize hands with anti-bactericidal hand soap.

A very small effort that really should spread among farmers and workers because recent studies have again clearly proven that farm boot samples are an important risk factor for Salmonella prevalence of 19.7 per cent (Prev. Vet Med., 2011).

If disinfection baths are adequately used and located in strategic places, they are a good additional measure for biosecurity at the farm.

Additionally, the presence of foot baths draws the attention of staff and visitors to the importance of biosecurity on farm grounds (Amass et al., 2000; Pritchard, 2003).


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