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European Group for Research EPIZONE Adds CReSA as Latest Member

14 November 2013

GLOBAL - EPIZONE, an international network of research centers working in veterinary epizootic animal diseases, recently included Spain's Centre for Research in Animal Health (CReSA) and four new members of the EU, Russia, Australia and the US, and now has 22 members from 16 countries.

EPIZONE plays a key role in research for the prevention, detection and control of diseases of birds, pigs, fish, sheep, cows, horses and wild animals in order to reduce risks and damage to animal health in the EU and abroad.

Over 300 scientists from around the world are fighting for a common goal: to improve, standardise and develop (new) diagnostics, vaccines, intervention strategies, surveillance, epidemiological studies and risk analysis to improve the prevention and control of animal infectious diseases such as foot and mouth disease, avian influenza, classical swine fever and diseases transmitted by arthropods (mosquitoes and ticks) and bluetongue, the Rift Valley fever, African swine fever, African horse sickness, the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever and West Nile fever.

CReSA was officially made a member of EPIZONE during the its 7th annual meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on 1-4 October, where Dr Fernando Rodriguez attended on behalf CReSA.

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