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African Swine Fever - Best Practice Biosecurity to Keep it Off Your Farm

24 December 2015

ANALYSIS - If you missed any of our African Swine Fever (ASF) series written by veterinarians John Carr and Mark Howells, for ThePigSite, this is your chance. The three articles cover some of the most important biosecurity elements you must consider if you want to keep your farm free of ASF.

All three articles can now be accessed below or by visiting the 'Articles' section of our site.

Part one looks at perimeter fencing and how this can prevent pathogens from entering the farm. The veterinarians also discuss how to make your fencing effective and how to maintain it.

Part two then goes on to examine the threat from vehicles entering the farm.

The article looks specifically at truck cleanliness and provides a practical guide of how you should conduct a thorough inspection of trucks entering the farm.

And finally, part three looks at how you, or any other people visiting or working on the farm, pose a risk. Here, Dr Carr and Dr Howell examine the layout of farm facilities looking in great detail about the procedures in place for people entering and leaving the farm.


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