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Novus International Releases CIBENZA® DP100 Video

03 February 2016

Novus International

Today, Novus International, Inc., a global leader in animal nutrition, announced the release of a video highlighting the world’s leading protease feed enzyme, CIBENZA® DP100 feed additive. The video explores CIBENZA DP100’s technological innovation and cost-savings benefits.

CIBENZA® DP100 is a broad-spectrum, heat-stable, non-coated and potent protease enzyme. Protease enzymes improve the digestibility of a broad range of vegetable and animal-origin proteins, allowing more diversity in choosing protein sources. That translates into potential feed cost savings, as well as improved bacteria balance and overall gut health in poultry and swine, adding even more value for producers.

“The enzyme business perfectly aligns with our corporate mission to make a clear difference in sustainably meeting the growing global demand for nutrition and health,” commented Dr. Ajay Bhoyar, Senior Manager of Global Poultry Marketing at Novus. “The new CIBENZA DP100 video does an excellent job of summarizing how CIBENZA DP100 reduces feed and production costs through optimized amino acid availability. We really believe we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the industry’s demand for protease enzymes.”

With the legacy of its important contributions in amino acid nutrition, Novus offers world class solutions and technical support to help customers better understand protease utilization. Novus offers unique services like the VERIFY? digestibility improvement calculator, SERTIFY™in-vitro testing kit and feed formulation support with its global network of technical managers.

For more information on CIBENZA DP100, and other customer-focused nutrition-based solutions offered by Novus, visit the company’s website. The full video is available on Novus’s YouTube channel at

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