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Positive Developments Reported for Canadian Pork Over Past Year

19 April 2016
Manitoba Pork Council

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CANADA - The Chair of Manitoba Pork says his first year as chair of the organization has been highlighted by some very positive developments, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Manitoba Pork hosted its 2016 Annual General Meeting this week in Winnipeg.

George Matheson, the Chair of Manitoba Pork, says during his first year in the position there have been some very encouraging developments.

George Matheson-Manitoba Pork:

We've had some good news this past year with the easing off of the moratorium that was applied by the provincial government some years ago and we're hopeful that we get some new barns constructed this year as a result of that change in policy.

The criteria to build them will be more extensive, more difficult than ever and we are probably under the most restrictive environment when it comes to environmental sustainability and government regulations but, at least in a lot of areas of the province, if it's affordable, producers can build hog finishing barns.

Also we saw the US government repeal COOL so we're hoping to see better markets for our exports going down south.

Definitely more interest in Canadian weanlings, stronger Canadian weanling prices.

While COOL was in effect the discount was $4.00 to $8.00 so that was significant and, probably if these new plants are built that they're planning in the states, there'll be more interest in our market hogs as well.

Also we've had good news in terms of export chances with regards to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and CETA of course that was brought forward a couple of years ago.
So we've had some good news.

Mr Matheson says we have lots of fresh water in Canada, arable land and space between barns and, while finishing hogs from 2006 to 2013 has been tough, the best news is people still like our products and domestic consumption and demand look good so there is plenty of room for optimism.

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