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New Video Tutorial available at on PRRS Control

23 May 2016
Hipra - Suiseng with Hipramune - Experience a new type of immunity!

GLOBAL - HIPRA has issued the fifth in its recent series of educational videos that looks at immunization to help vets and producers immunize their breeding herds most effectively.

Proper immunization of animals is one of the key points of PRRS control because active immunization of animals aims to homogenize herd immunity status as well as confer proper cross-protection against the farm strain.

Before vaccination it is important to decide which is the target population to be vaccinated as well as the vaccine program to be implemented as there are different vaccine protocols. To decide on the vaccine program it is necessary to know the PRRS HERD STATUS as well as how good or bad the biosecurity of the farm is.

Vaccination is the best tool for immunizing animals and for providing protection against recirculation of the farm's homologous strain as well as against the arrival of new heterologous strains on the farm.

To view the Hipra video and more on PRRS, click here.

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