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Novus Launches Project Horizon at World Pork Expo

09 June 2016

Novus International

US - Today at an exclusive event in their tent at World Pork Expo, Novus International, Inc. launched Project Horizon, their commitment to helping producers navigate through the transition to antibiotic-free production.

“We have some of the world’s leading experts on gut health and nutrition at our disposal at Novus,” stated Dr Bob Buresh, executive manager, North America Technical Services with Novus International.

“We have colleagues from around the world who have faced similar challenges and regulation in their industries. We have done our homework and due diligence to make sure we are providing more than just a product to our customers with this project.”

During the event, Jared Hux, senior manager, North America Marketing with Novus stated: “Our objective with Project Horizon is to be the expert in managing health through nutrition, addressing heightened health and performance concerns due to the reduction or complete removal of antibiotics. We want to reduce the need to use antibiotics by overcoming expected production challenges nutritionally, and reducing the likelihood there will be a problem from the start.”

Some of the biggest challenges livestock face when antibiotics are removed come through enteric disorders such as necrotic enteritis in poultry and E. coli in nursery piglets. These disorders lead to performance losses, condemnations, mortality and various other concerns for producers that cannot be ignored.

With the most recent research in gut health biomarkers and modeling, industry leading services, and some of the foremost experts in the world on gut health, Novus is well-positioned to provide a solutions-based approach to customers.


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