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Increased Focus on Biosecurity During Manure Application Successful in Helping Maintain Control of PED

05 September 2016
Manitoba Pork Council

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CANADA - The President of Precision Pumping, says livestock manure applicators have stepped up their attention to biosecurity in the wake of the arrival of PED in North America, writes Bruce Cochrane.

The arrival of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea in the United States in the spring of 2013 and in Canada in early 2014 changed the way manure applicators deal with biosecurity.

Doug Redekop, the President of La Broquerie based Precision Pumping, says applicators are much more focused on ensuring their equipment doesn't give the virus the opportunity to move.

Doug Redekop-Precision Pumping:

Number one we certainly have a closer working relationship with the acting vets for the production units.

They are fully aware of where we're going to as far as sites and they keep us posted on changes to health statuses and so forth.

Some of the changes that we've implemented, some through Growing Forward Grants, have implemented wash units that are fully contained, washer, water source, heat, in order to improve washing and disinfecting.

So far none of the cases that have arrived here in Manitoba have been linked back to the traffic flow of manure applicators so I think that our protocols have been successful in at least not expanding the spread of the disease.

There is a certain link to wet conditions and we know that, in order to be successful in disinfecting for the disease, conditions need to be ideal.

For example, late in the season we're often dealing with freezing conditions and that makes the effectiveness of disinfection quite a bit less.

Mr Redekop says the wet weather has been a challenge and applicators are certainly hoping for dryer weather.

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