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SonicClean: Ultrasonic Waves Against Biofilm

07 November 2016
Big Dutchman

GERMANY - Big Dutchman presents a new cleaning system for the liquid feeding of pigs

SonicClean permanently protects water and liquid feeding pipelines from biofilms

Hygienic supply of feed and water have a great influence on animal health and the economic success in pig production. On the occasion of EuroTier 2016, Big Dutchman presents SonicClean, a new product for the liquid feeding of pigs that uses ultrasonic waves instead of standard cleaning procedures such as rinsing systems. The pipelines are permanently exposed to sonic waves, which consumes very little power. These waves prevent the formation of biofilms and destroy any nutrient media for pathogens.

A fluid – either water or the liquid feed – transports the ultrasonic waves through the pipes. In this manner, the waves even reach areas that are difficult to access, e.g. in the corners. Practical experience proves the impressive effect of this technology: SonicClean reduces the total bacteria count from 26 million to only 180,000.

The innovation pays off both for pig producers and their livestock: Even though SonicClean transmits sound waves round the clock, the system’s power consumption is very low at 144 W per day.

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