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Agro Eco Receives Genesus Pigs

21 December 2016
Genesus - The first power in genetics

RUSSIA - On Wednesday 23rd November, Agro Eco received 1,317 pigs from Genesus to complete the stocking of their new 2,700 sow Nucleus farm in Voronezh.

AgroEco is based in Voronezh, Russia and has 30,000 sows today. They are currently expanding to 60,000. Also under construction is a slaughter plant that will be used to kill and process all production.

The farm, which has Yorkshire, Landrace and Durocs, expects to start farrowing towards the end of December this year.

Pigs being loaded to trucks at Sheremetevo Cargo

Genesus is very proud to be chosen as the genetic supplier of Agro Eco, who are recognised as an excellent producer within Russia.

There are very many similarities between Russia and Canada, such as climate and scale of operations.

Russia is nearing self-sufficiency in pig production and is targeting Asia to develop export markets. Canada is a country that exports more than 50% of its production and Genesus is the major supplier of genetics to China and South East Asia.

To find out more about Genesus Genetics, please take the time to visit their website at .

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