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The best of The Pig Site 2017: gastrointestinal function and immunity of weaning pigs

18 December 2017

Continuing in The Pig Site’s rundown of the best articles of 2017, today…

Immunity and gastrointestinal function of weaning pigs

13 January 2017

Weaning is a critical period in a pig’s life; the pig must cope with separation from the sow, the transition from highly digestible milk to a less digestible and more complex solid feed, a new environment, movement and separation from littermates, and exposure to unfamiliar pigs. Dari Brown, Purina, describes important changes that occur within the gastrointestinal tract and in the immunity of weaning pigs, and explains why it is important to understand these changes when monitoring weaning pig health.

Read the full article here, or to read the previous article in the series, click here


Image: Natural Resources Conservation Service

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