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Ceva 'Spotlight The Future' newsletter September 2018

07 September 2018

In the fourth edition of our new swine production and industry newsletter we present the findings of a recent field trial of our latest vaccine Hyogen and reveal 5 common biosecurity mistakes to avoid.


Hyogen comes out on top

The results of this field study performed in France showed that Hyogen® provided better protection of pigs than a competitor vaccine, measured by the clinical course of the disease and the lung lesion score. The average number of recorded coughs using microphones in the barn during the whole fattening period was significantly lower in the Hyogen® group. Higher ADG for 44 grams corresponded to the improvements in the respiratory health and was associated with 2.45€ profit in favour of Hyogen® group. 


Want to know more about Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and recent developments around it?

We have Dr Dominiek Maes of the University of Ghent delivering a talk on the topic from our recently held Ceva Forum in Barcelona.


The five most common biosecurity mistakes

"I believed that the most common biosecurity mistake was related to not knowing how to correctly differentiate between the clean and the dirty areas." - Josep Casanovas

Source: PIG3.3.3

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