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Pork producers pulling back for 2019?

11 January 2019

USA - US pork producers could be pulling back a bit on their herd expansion and for a few different reasons

A report by Jeannine Otto for AgriNews Publications said that while numbers on the 1st December 2018 came in higher than the year previous, certain details surrounding these numbers indicate a different trend.

“A little bit on the lower end of what’s been expected,” were analyst Alton Kalo’s words regarding the farrowing intentions numbers going into 2019.

Those numbers indicate December-February farrowing intentions at 3.11 million litters, up 2.5 percent from a year before and slightly larger than pre-report expectations of up 1.9 percent. This deviated significantly from pre-report estimates.

The September-November farrowings were 3.158 million litters, up 1.8 percent from a year ago and nearly exact with expectations of up 1.7 percent.

The March-May intentions, at 3.147 million litters, up 1.5 percent over a year ago, came in the same as the pre-report estimates.

Bob Brown, commenting on the September-November pig crop, which came in at 33.976 million head, 1.9 percent larger than a year ago and smaller than the pre-report estimates, which had that up 2.4 percent, agreed.

“It looks like we could possibly be rounding off the top here a little bit, kind of slowing things down just a little bit,” he said.

Brown is an independent livestock industry analyst from Edmond, Oklahoma.

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