London Swine Conference 2011

by 5m Editor
9 August 2011, at 12:00am

The London Swine Conference 2010 was held in London, Ontario, Canada on 30-31 March 2011. The theme of the meeting was Exploring the Future.

London Swine Conference 2011

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Regaining our Share

  • Lessons, Opportunities and Challenges – Bob Hunsberger

  • Demanding Consumers versus Conventional Agriculture – Mike A. Varley

Beyond the New Normal

  • A Revolution in Pork Production – Augusto Heck

  • Managing Volatility – Justin Roelofs

Adding Value

  • Failure to Thrive – Alex Ramirez

  • Value-Added Pork Production: What Strategies are Working Today? – Gary Huber

The Road Ahead

  • Rethinking Pig Barn Design – Larry D. Jacobson

  • Pressure on Conventional Agriculture – Suzanne T. Millman

Break-Out Sessions

  • Quality Meat Packers’ Brand Stories – Jim Gracie

  • Branding Canadian Pork – Defining Consumer Wants – Anita Ivanauskas

  • Maximising the Nutritional Value of Feedstuffs – Mike A. Varley

  • Maximising the Value of Feedstuffs – Jay Squire

  • Euthanasia – Suzanne T. Millman

  • Reducing Distress in Swine: Why, When and How – Tim Blackwell

  • Energy Management – Robert Chambers

  • Ventilation Management – Harry Huffman

  • Energy and Ventilation Management Issues in US Pig Buildings – Larry D. Jacobson

  • Looking Beyond Production Benchmarking – Justin Roelofs

  • Looking Beyond Production Benchmarking – Randy Duffy

  • Immunocastration in Swine: A Practical Approach – Augusto Heck

  • The Nutrition and Economics of Feeding Entire Males – Neil S. Ferguson

  • Dealing with Post-Weaning Diseases – Alex Ramirez

  • Dealing with Post-Weaning Diseases –Steven Wolfgram

  • Selling Pigs to Market Pork – Martin and Teresa Van Raay

  • Changing Their Model: the Iowa Food Cooperative – Gary Huber

  • Willowgrove Hill DHA/EPA Omega-3 Pork Marketing – Paul Hill

Further Reading

- You can view the complete proceedings by clicking here.

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