London Swine Conference 2013 Proceedings

Proceedings of the 13th London Swine Conference, which was held on 27 and 28 March 2013 in London, Ontario, Canada. The theme of the meeting was 'Managing for Production'.
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Day 1: Sows

Day 1. Workshop sessions

  • Managing Pre-Weaning Mortality - Mark Chambers
  • Managing Pre-Weaning Mortality (PWM): Practical Tools And Protocols to Reduce PWM On-Farm - Dennis Robles
  • Pain Control - Robert Friendship and George Charbonneau
  • Advances in Sow Nutrition- The Use of Mathematical Modelling in Sow Nutrition - Anja V. Hansen and Ermias Kebreab
  • Nutrition of Pregnant Sows - Soenke Moehn and Ronald O. Ball
  • Preparing the Barn: Stockmanship - Dennis Robles
  • Preparing the Barn - Marc Lalonde
  • What Are The Key Performance Indicators of the Future? - Ron Ketchem
  • Pioneering New Performance Indicators - Egidijus Mickevicius
  • Repeatability of Litter Size in the Sow Population - Jennifer Patterson and John Harding
  • Maximising Weaning Capacity of Sow and Crate - Bill Geisel

Day 2: Wean to Finish

Day 2: Workshop sessions

  • Hog Crush Margins - John Bancroft and Mike Tregunna
  • New Tools for Precision Feeding: NRC (2012) - C.F.M. de Lange
  • Animal Variation and the Derivation of Optimal Shipping Srategies for Finishing Pigs - Neil S. Ferguson
  • New Tools For Precision Feeding - Bruno Marty
  • New Applications in Nursery Nutrition and Management: Giving Piglets the Best
  • Possible Start with Practical Management Tips and Nutrition Concepts - Ian Wellock, Paul Toplis, Kayleigh Almond and Pete Wilcock
  • Nursery Management in Light of Frugal Earnings in Swine Industry - Radu Zorzolan
  • Management Practices That Maximise Feed Efficiency - John F. Patience
  • Feeding and Barn Management to Improve Feed Conversion - Matt Ische
  • In-Feed Antibiotics–Some of the Issues - Peter Davies
  • The Use of In-Feed Antibiotics in Quebec Pigs - Robert Desrosiers
  • Impact of Influenza A in Pork Production - Greg Wideman
  • Trends and Patterns of Influenza Virus Circulation in Ontario Swine Herds - Zvonimir Poljak

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