The long, winding road to obtain planning permission

by 5m Editor
26 May 2003, at 12:00am

By Norman Dunn, Better Farming Magazine (Ontario) - Germany and Denmark are taking two different paths to hog barn approvals. Just as in Canada, growing environmental awareness in most parts of Europe is forcing farmers to conform to a bewildering number of regulations if they want to build a new livestock barn, or even increase the capacity of an existing one.

But things are getting out of hand in some countries. In Germany, for instance, there are plenty of cases of planning permission for a single hog barn taking two years in processing. While big units with more than 500 sows or 250 head of cattle have quite rightly to pass planning enquiries equal to those of industrial sites, the lawmakers are increasingly applying similar restrictions to quite small livestock businesses of as few as 50 milking cows and calves or 500 feeding hogs.

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