The Top U.S. Pork / Hog Producers - Pork Powerhouses (2004)

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13 October 2004, at 12:00am

By Successful Farming - This article briefly lists the US top 10 pork / hog producers in 2003/2004, as published by Successful Farming magazine. The article also provides a link to the full Successful Farming Pork Powerhouses Report for 2004.

There should be no shortage of hogs next year. Sow numbers for the 30 largest Pork producers in 2004 show an increase of 137,100 over 2003. However, only about 10,000 of those sows were true expansion; the rest was acquisition as the industry continues to consolidate.

10 largest pork producers in the United States
2004 Rank 2003 Rank Name of Operation Headquarters # Sows 2004 # Sows 2003 Comments
1 1 Smithfield Foods Smithfield, VA 808,000 756,000 Bought Farmland Pork, Alliance Farms. 900,000 sows total worldwide.
2 2 Premium Standard Farms Kansas City, MO 225,000 225,000 Acquiring a few sows; trimming others. (ContiGroup Companies) No net expansion plans.
3 3 Seaboard Farms Shawnee Mission, KS 213,600 213,600 Will market all pork for Triumph Foods. Sourcing genetics (PIC) from Triumph.
4 8 Christensen Farms Sleepy Eye, MN 144,000 94,000 Bought Heartland Pork Enterprises. Is shareholder in Triumph Foods.
5 6 Iowa Select Farms Iowa Falls, IA 130,000 100,000 Leasing DeCoster sow units (Premier Farms) in Iowa.
5 4 Prestage Farms Clinton, NC 130,000 129,000 Bought DeCoster finishing sites in Iowa. Shipping more pigs to Iowa for finishing.
7 6 The Pipestone System Pipestone, MN 100,000 100,000 Total management system produces weaned pigs. Owns Ellison Meat.
8 5 Cargill Minneapolis, MN 99,000 118,000 Exiting North Carolina; wants sow farms closer to its Midwest Excel plants.
9 9 Goldsboro Hog Farm Goldsboro, NC 76,000 74,000 Slight growth through acquisition.
10 10 The Hanor Company Spring Green, WI 73,500 73,500 Hanor is shareholder in Triumph Foods. Customized genetics program with PIC.
Source: Successful Farming

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Source: Farm.Doc - October 2004