UFU Executive to make CAP recommendations

by 5m Editor
12 January 2004, at 12:00am

UK - The industry consultation on the implementation of CAP reform in Northern Ireland ends this Friday, January 16.

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In preparation for this, the UFU has called an Executive Committee meeting for Wednesday evening to finalise the organisations response to the consultation.

Last August UFU President John Gilliland said four key issues should be explored before the Union came to a final conclusion. These were:

  1. The final legal text for the CAP reform agreement must be issued and agreed by the EU Council of Ministers;
  2. The economic analysis of all the options must be finalised;
  3. The Republic of Ireland position must be considered;
  4. A steer is needed on what might be the impact of a potential new deal at the WTO talks on agriculture.

With the exception of WTO, where progress has stalled at a global level, considerable information is now available, allowing the Union to seek a final consensus on the best way forward for the local agriculture industry.

Which model of decoupling to introduce will be a key issue and the Agriculture Minister has already indicated that 1 January 2005 is the most likely date for the introduction of decoupling in Northern Ireland. Full decoupling is also most likely, rather than any form of partial decoupling.

Source: Ulster Farmers Union - 12th January 2004

5m Editor