NFU welcomes FSA food labelling report

by 5m Editor
19 February 2004, at 12:00am

UK - The NFU has praised a survey by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) that spotlights the high levels of misleading labelling still prevalent in the UK food industry.

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The survey reflects the concerns raised by the NFU in its response to the FSA consultation on the use of food labelling terms.

The NFU is particularly concerned about the misuse of the term “farmhouse“ on food labels to imply a product produced on farm premises. This is particularly important to farmers who have diversified to add value to their farms by processing their own produce.

The FSA revealed that of the surveyed products that used the description “farmhouse“, 75% were actually produced in industrial premises.

The NFU has long supported the use of clear, informative and enforceable labelling, particularly concerning country of origin, to allow informed consumer choice and prevent shoppers being misled.

NFU Food Standard spokesman Michael Seals said: “British consumers are being misled whilst farmers and rural businesses are unable to capitalise on their invention and initiative.

“The NFU would urge all food manufacturers, processors and retailers to follow the FSA guidelines on best practice to stamp out erroneous labelling.“

Source: National Farmers Union - 19th February 2004

5m Editor