Yorkshire beef... do you want the whole truth, or the potted version?

by 5m Editor
26 April 2004, at 12:00am

UK - This article by the NPA's Digby Scott compares the potentially misleading country-of-origin information on Somerfields 'Great British' meals and Sutherlands 'Yorkshire' Potted Beef.


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Digby Scott:
I would like to publicly apologise to Somerfield for accusing them of producing the most blatant misinformation possible on a label, with their Great British Recipes range (for "British" read "foreign").

Sutherlands have surpassed even their best efforts with this "Yorkshire Potted Beef" (for "Yorkshire" read "foreign", but you guessed that.) The example pictured here was bought in Tesco by my daughter who was not well pleased when she got home and found she had been had.

One must recognise that both Somerfield with their "Great British (ha!) Recipes" and Sutherland with their "Yorkshire (eh?) Potted Beef", do at least declare the non-British meat content on the back of the packages.

But they know full well that busy shoppers make their buying decision when they see the words "British" and "Yorkshire". They don't have time to read the small print. Sutherlands are a Yorkshire firm. They should know better.

There is no point, as we saw with the Somerfield "Great British Recipes" range, in bringing these matters to the attention of the Food Standards Agency or Trading Standards Officers.

Source: National Pig Association - 26th April 2004

5m Editor