Atlantic Swine Research Partnership Receives Approval for Study into Sow Productivity

by 5m Editor
7 June 2004, at 12:00am

CANADA - At the February 25, 2004 meeting of the ASRP Board of Directors a producer suggested the ASRP look at a study comparing production practices or trends that Maritime swine producers carry out that may have a positive or negative impact on sow herd productivity.

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Take me to the ARSP website. The study is also designed to evaluate and rank sow herd productivity within the Maritimes and provide producers with industry production targets that they can strive to meet.

Funding for the study has been approved through the Agricultural Research Investment Fund. The Agricultural Research Investment Fund was established by the Government of Prince Edward Island to provide industry organizations, producers and agri-business with increased access to applied and developmental research which can address priorities and opportunities in the industry. The study will commence this summer and be completed by December, 2004.

A survey of management practices will be mailed out to swine breeding producers in the Maritimes. The survey will identify specific production practices which are associated with superior sow productivity. Production practices that will be assessed with in this survey will be: sow genotype, gilt management, breeding management, farrowing management, baby piglet management, disease status, vaccination, housing, nutrition, boar management and AI techniques. An on site visit will also be completed by a veterinarian to assess some management practices such as ; overall barn hygiene, pig flow, air quality, AI techniques, breeding management and farrowing and baby piglet management.

In addition to a survey, an analysis of available production data will also be completed in attempt to classify herds as high production or low production systems. This will also allows us to provide industry production targets for our area, and compare these targets to other swine production systems in other parts of the world. Statistical methods will be used in evaluation of all data sets, including survey results.

Source: Don Stoneman - Atlantic Swine Research Partnership - 4th June 2004
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