How to produce more pigs faster

by 5m Editor
25 August 2004, at 12:00am

UK - NPA's Precision Pork Production symposium on September 29 will focus on information - how to collect it, and how to use it to increase productivity and reduce costs.


National Pig Association

NPA is active on members' behalf in Brussels & Whitehall, and with processors, supermarkets & caterers - fighting for the growth and pros-perity of the UK pig industry.

Stewart Houston, chairman, said, "Producers, under the extreme pressures of the last five years, have cut corners to survive, but the consequences for performance are self-evident.

"This symposium pulls together a range of top speakers, with the added bonus of valued input from Denmark, along with practical examples of on-farm recording and increasing productivity through greater use of information. I am sure that all those attending will find the day rewarding and of great benefit to their businesses."

The symposium is sponsored by the Red Meat Industry Forum, the British Pig Executive, Porcofram Marketing, Agrosoft Ltd and Premier Nutrition. Tickets, including a sit-down lunch, are 325 for NPA members and 335 for non-members.

A Booking form and the full programme can be downloaded here, or contact James Stevenson, 020 7331 7650.

Source: Ian Campbell - National Pig Association - 24th August 2004

5m Editor