Initial dairygold response unacceptable to pig farmers

by 5m Editor
6 October 2004, at 12:00am

IRELAND - IFA Pig’s Committee Chairman, Mr. Pat O’Keeffe Monday described Dairygold’s response to IFA proposals regarding the future treatment of pig suppliers as totally unsatisfactory and unacceptable and said this response has served no purpose other than compound supplier and shareholder frustration, following Dairygolds hasty decision to close the profitable Galtee business at the end of October.

IFA received an initial response from Dairygold Chief Executive Jerry Henchy, on Thursday, which falls well short of supplier and shareholder expectations and previous commitments intimated by the farmer co-op. In summary the response does not address shareholders’ concerns regarding a secure outlet for their weekly pig supply, nor does it give firm commitments that a competitive price would be paid to suppliers following the planned closure of the plant.

Mr. O’Keeffe continued, “the 31st October deadline set by Dairygold is approaching, but I can assure you that shareholders will not be bullied into moving their pig supply until such time as Dairygold take producer concerns seriously and come up with a full and acceptable response to these legitimate concerns.

Galtee has enjoyed the loyalty of pig suppliers for a long number of years and it now looks like Dairygold are looking drop these shareholders and severe all links with producers in just 11 weeks, leaving them vulnerable in the congested marketplace.“

IFA are calling an emergency meeting of pig suppliers and shareholders for Saturday at 4pm in the Firgrove Hotel in Mitchelstown to inform each supplier of the Dairygold’s initial response to the current proposals.

“I expected Dairygold to come clean with their loyal suppliers and shareholders with its entire package and not be responding in a piecemeal fashion. Pig producers want to return to focusing on issues inside their farm gate but before this they must be sure they have a secure outlet and competitive price for their pigs and I want firm commitments from Dairygold on these issues as soon as possible,“ concluded Mr. O’ Keeffe.

Source: Irish Farmers Association - 4th October 2004

5m Editor