Ontario Pork Disappointed with US Trade Ruling

by 5m Editor
18 October 2004, at 12:00am

ONTARIO - Ontario's pork producers are disappointed by a ruling yesterday from the United States Department of Commerce (DOC) imposing dumping duties of 13.25% on Ontario Pork's live hog exports to the US.

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This is a preliminary finding by the DOC, and a final ruling is not expected until early 2005. "This decision is unfair to Ontario hog farmers," said Larry Skinner, Chair of Ontario Pork. "Ontario hogs are fairly traded: there is one North American price, and we sell at that price in both Canada and the United States. Ontario farmers should not have to defend themselves against protectionist litigation."

The cost of this duty will be carried by Ontario Pork through its normal export operations. These additional operating costs will be shared collectively across all Ontario market hog suppliers through a temporary marketing operations fee. The fee will be set at a special meeting of the Ontario Pork Board of Directors on October 18. A fee will remain in place until the International Trade Commission (ITC) rules on final injury in April 2005.

If the ITC rules that the US industry has been injured by Canadian live swine imports, the DOC will issue an antidumping order and ultimately will assess final antidumping duties. If the ITC finds there was no injury, the preliminary duty will be lifted, and all monies collected by Ontario Pork to pay the duty will be returned to producers.

Source: Ontario Pork - 15th October 2004

5m Editor