New Glässer Disease Vaccine - the first to have full regulatory approval

by 5m Editor
20 November 2004, at 12:00am

UK - Porcilis Glässer vaccine will be launched in the UK in November 2004. This is the first Glässer's Disease vaccine to pass the full EU regulatory standards and it has a pan-European licence. Haemophilus parasuis is a bacterium which occurs world-wide and causes a variety of clinical signs ranging from lameness caused by swollen arthritic joints to respiratory problems and increased mortality. Its incidence has apparently increased since the emergence of PMWS. It also appears to be a stress-related disease.

There are 15 known serotypes of H.parasuis of which serotypes 1,5,10,12,13 and 14 have been classified (Kielstein and Rapp-Gabrielson) as the most virulent, and usually associated with causing increased mortality.

Porcilis Glässer contains inactivated bacterial cells of Haemophilus parasuis serotype 5 together with the unique adjuvant Diluvac Forte® (dl-α -tocopherol acetate). Serotype 5 has been demonstrated to be the most prevalent serotype of H.parasuis. Challenge studies have shown that pigs vaccinated with Porcilis Glässer had significantly better immunity against serotypes 1,12,13 and 14 indicating cross protection against these virulent serotypes.

Data sheet indication is for vaccination from 5 weeks of age with a 2 ml intramuscular injection, followed 2 weeks later by a further 2 ml injection. Pigs have immunity 2 weeks after the 2nd injection, with a duration of immunity of 14 weeks post-injection.

Porcilis Glässer is available in unbreakable 50 ml (25 dose) PET vials.

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Source: Intervet UK Ltd. - 25th November 2004

5m Editor