Salmonella Kit Delivers Results In Under A Day, Company Claims

EU - A new testing kit for Salmonella promises to deliver results in less than a day.

Salmonella is one of the food industry's most problematic food-poisoning bacteria. In 2004 the most frequently reported zoonotic diseases in humans were salmonellosis and campylobacteriosis, with the most deadly being listerious, according to a European Commission report. Eggs, poultry meat and pork are the major sources of human Salmonella infections.

UK-based Biotrace International claims its Tecra Unique Salmonella test provides a simple and rapid method to detect Salmonella spp. in food and environmental samples in less than 22 hours.

The kit contains all the reagents needed for the testing in ready-to-use, self-contained modules, with the positive and negative controls are built-in. This makes the kit useful for running a single test or for testing multiple samples.

Unlike many other rapid Salmonella tests, Unique Salmonella can be run manually. It can be fully automated using Biotrace's Unique Pplus instrument.

"There is only one simple enrichment step, saving on media and autoclaving costs," Biotrace stated.

The kit can also be used with Biotrace's Quick-Enrich MBPW, a 225mL of sterile modified buffered peptone water pre-dispensed in a stand-up bag. The food sample can be added o the bag, mixed and allowed to incubate.

Source: Food Production Daily
calendar icon 31 March 2006
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